Message about Travel and Well-Being

Dear colleagues,

Many people have been asking questions about a.) what they should do if they’ve been traveling, b.) concerned that they may have been exposed to the Coronavirus, and c.) not feeling well.  The university has issued an updated statement on the Coronavirus Update website titled, “FAQ: How to report symptoms or exposure 

The directions are:

All faculty and staff should call their primary care provider. Your PCP knows your medical history and can provide the most informed guidance. If you do not have a primary care provider, please call (888) 928-0011 for guidance.

Given the rapidity of new information related to the Coronavirus, please monitor the Coronavirus Update website daily.

Monday’s Eastman Weekly will be dedicated to various updates specifically related to Eastman’s preparation for online instruction and other Coronavirus-related topics.

My friends, I know that the uncertainty surrounding the Coronavirus can create anxiety, not only among our students, but also among our colleagues and friends, as well.  Please accept my sincere appreciation for the work you are all doing to prepare for the new paradigm in which we find ourselves, as well as for the support and care you are demonstrating in support of each other and our students.

Jamal J. Rossi

Joan and Martin Messinger Dean

Eastman School of Music