Eastman Students Explore Connections Between Music and Visual Art at the Memorial Art Gallery

November 17, 2015

For the first time as part of the Eastman Colloquium, 135 freshman and transfer students from the Eastman School of Music visited the University of Rochester’s Memorial Art Gallery.

During the two-hour session on Tuesday, Nov. 10, Eastman faculty members Michael Anderson and Rachel Remmel and doctoral student Naomi Gregory and MAG Curator of European Art Nancy Norwood helped students gain an understanding of the intersections and parallels between art and music using the gallery’s resources.

In the Medieval collection, students studied a page from a 15th-century manuscript, learning that they could unlock a great deal of information about a piece of old music. In the Forman Gallery, they used the portraits and genre painting of people to discuss patronage and artistic practice. In the Modern/Contemporary galleries, they listened to musical responses to several pieces performed by SoundExChange, an ensemble started by Eastman students that explores alternative ways of presenting and creating music.

The Eastman Colloquium explores the sounds, meanings and uses of music within a wide variety of contexts.