Financial Aid at Eastman

Graduate Cost of Attendance

Tuition and Fees

Tuition costs vary according to degree program requirements.  Students should refer to their graduate award letters for more specific tuition estimates.


2019-20 Estimated Graduate Direct Costs **

(18 credits including lessons – 9 credits with lessons each semester)

Tuition ** $38,060
Activity Fee 136
Comprehensive Fee 450
Mandatory Health Fee 630
Total Estimated Graduate Direct Costs: $39,276

Direct costs are expenses that are typically charged to a student’s bill by the Eastman School of Music. Each year figures are estimated until final rates are published in late spring.

2019-20 ESTIMATED Graduate
Indirect Costs

Books $ 600
Room 6,300
Board 3,420
Personal 2,250
Transportation 2,250
Total ESTIMATED Graduate Indirect Costs: $14,820

Indirect costs are expenses that are typically incurred and not paid directly to the Eastman School of Music.

Graduate Costs & Financial Aid

Graduate tuition is charged per credit.  Costs can have considerable individual variation, depending on the degree program and graduate award assignment, living expenses, the cost of books and supplies, etc.  Full-time enrollment is 12 credits per semester.  Depending on the nature of the duties, many students with a graduate award are considered full-time with a course load of 9 credit hours per semester.

Graduate students are considered to be financially independent and are eligible for need-based financial aid as well as merit-based aid.  A graduate award normally consists of a stipend (salary for the work performed) and a tuition scholarship (a partial remission of tuition); the stipend and tuition scholarship portions of the graduate award are inseparable (a student my not accept one portion and decline the other).

Frequently Asked Questions about the Cost of a Graduate Degree at Eastman

2019-2020 Estimated Charges:

Tuition (not including applied music studies) $1,730 per credit hour
Applied Music Studies (lessons):
460A: PRL 1 hour lessons, 4 credit hours  $10,380 per semester
460: Primary 1 hour lesson, 3 credit hours  $6,920 per semester
Mandatory fees (not including health insurance)  $1,216 per year
Health insurance (individual)  $2,580 per year (estimate)

For example:

1) Academic Year Tuition for a graduate student who holds a graduate award and takes 9 credits per semester (including 1 hour 460A lessons each week) is $38,060 per year.

2) Academic Year Tuition for a graduate student who holds a graduate award and takes 12 credits per semester (including 1 hour 460A lessons per week) is $48,440 per year.

All students are required to have health insurance.  If you are not covered under your parent(s) or your own health insurance, then add $2,580 (estimate) for the University Health Insurance.

New graduate students have a one-time orientation fee of $280.

International students are charged an international student fee of $50 each semester.

All organists are charged an organ fee of $260 per semester.

According to the Department of Education’s Student Financial Aid Handbook, “The Cost of Attendance (COA) is an estimate of a student’s educational expenses for a period of enrollment”. A student’s COA is used to determine financial aid eligibility. The basic components of an Eastman student’s COA include tuition and fees, books, room, board and miscellaneous (travel and personal) expenses.

The COA may be adjusted on an individual basis for dependent care, study abroad programs and loan fees.  These adjustments will only increase a student’s loan eligibility.  All adjustments must be supported by documentation.  Students who wish to be considered for a COA adjustment for any reason should contact the Financial Aid Office to discuss both the change and the additional loan eligibility that may result.

For detailed information about the costs of a graduate degree at Eastman, please see the University Bursar’s Website at  If you would like more information on financial aid for graduate students, please visit the Prospective Students page of our website.  The information below represents estimates and may not include all fees associated with a particular instrument or area of study.

Contact University Health Services regarding waiving the insurance or for any other health insurance questions.

Contact University Dining Services regarding student dining plans.