Financial Aid at Eastman

Advanced Diploma in Performance

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Typical Degree Expenses *

The actual 2022-23 Schedule of Charges are posted on the University Bursar’s Website.

Direct costs are expenses that are typically charged to a student’s bill by the Eastman School of Music.

2022-23 Advanced Diploma Direct Costs

(18 credits) – 9 credits each semester)




Activity Fee


Comprehensive Fee


Mandatory Health Fee


Total Graduate Direct Costs:


International students are charged an international student fee of $50 each semester

All students are required to have health insurance. If you are not covered under your parent(s) or your own health insurance, then add $2,940 (2021-22 price) for the University Health Insurance.


Indirect costs are expenses that are typically incurred and not paid directly to the Eastman School of Music.

2022-23 Graduate Indirect Costs



$ 600









Total ESTIMATED Graduate Indirect Costs:


 *This program is not eligible for institutional scholarships or federal financial aid, but students may  be eligible to borrow an alternative loan to assist with expenses.