Academic Probation

At the end of each semester, the Satisfactory Academic Progress Committee meets to review undergraduate students’ grades to ensure timely progress and completion of degree requirements and expectations. The Committee consists of the Senior Associate Dean of Academic and Student Affairs, Associate Dean of Academic and International Affairs, Registrar, Associate Dean for Admissions & Enrollment Management, and Director of Financial Aid. Graduate probation is handled by the Senior Associate Dean of Graduate Studies.

Students may be placed on academic probation for a number of reasons as articulated in the Academic Policy Handbook. These reasons include poor performance or jury grades, lack of progress towards a degree program, low GPA, and completion of less than 12 credits. If you have questions or concerns regarding an undergraduate student’s academic performance you may contact the Associate Dean of Academic and International Affairs for assistance.

Students may also be placed on disciplinary probation for not following the University’s code of conduct. Conduct issues are generally handled by the Student Affairs Office.

Revised, September 2017

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