I Nyoman Suadin

I Nyoman Suadin

Visiting Associate Professor of Gamelan

Director of Gamelan




A teacher, composer, dancer, and choreographer, Nyoman first experienced gamelan music and dance at an early age by participating in a children’s gamelan ensemble in his village of Kerambitan, Bali. He later received formal training at KOKAR, the Conservatory of the Performing Arts, in Denpasar. Since 1988, he has actively promoted Balinese arts and culture by teaching and performing throughout the United States. Nyoman is the founder and artistic director of Gamelan Mitra Kusuma, a community gamelan in Mount Rainer, Maryland. In addition to teaching for Gamelan Lila Muni at Eastman School of Music, he co-directs Gamelan Semara Santi at Swarthmore College, and directs Gamelan Saraswati at the University of Maryland.