Eastman Wind Ensemble


WindWorks Journal Contents

Issue 1- Fall 1997

  1. Defining the Wind Band Sound- Hunsberger: A look at the influence of early trends in composition and orchestration.
  2. A Talk with Karel Husa- Scatterday: Award-winning composer and conductor Husa on Prague, composing, musicians, and more.
  3. Wind Library: The Sacred Harp- David Liptak
  4. Wind Library: Fantasia and Fugue in C Minor, BWV 537- Donald Hunsberger (tr.)
  5. Wind Library: Concerto for Clarinet, K. 622- Robert Rumbelow (tr.)
  6. Wind Library: Star Wars Trilogy- Donald Hunsberger (arr.)
  7. Two Railroad Marches: E7A and RS-2- Lamont Downs (tr.)
  8. Insights: Classical Wind Scoring Practices: Mozart- Robert Rumbelow


Issue 2- Fall 1998

  1. Defining the Wind Band Sound- Hunsberger: Tracing wind band development through English military band journals of the 1800’s.
  2. A Talk with Kent Kennan- Author and composer Kennan speaks on his music, Hanson, Hindemith, and more.
  3. Wind Library: Renaissance Set I- Mark Scatterday (arr.)
  4. Wind Library: Toccata and Fugue in D Minor- Hunsberger (tr.)
  5. Wind Library: Rhapsody in Blue- Hunsberger and Verrier (tr.)
  6. Wind Library: Sonata for Trumpet- Kent Kennan (tr.)
  7. Wind Library: Concerto for Piano and Winds- Verne Reynolds
  8. Insights: Performance Solutions to Gabrieli’s Ensemble Works- Scatterday


Issue 3- Fall 1999

  1. Defining the Wind Band Sound- Hunsberger: Tracing wind band development through American brass bands of the 1800’s.
  2. A Talk with Timothy Reynish- Conductor and educator Reynish reflects on the wind band movement in England and abroad.
  3. Wind Library: Fantasy Variations- Donald Grantham
  4. Wind Library: Dancin’ into the ‘20’s- Reeg, Scates, Herbert, and Levy
  5. Wind Library: My Robin is to the Greenwood Gone- Grainger (arr. Sturm)
  6. Wind Library: Concerto for Trumpet in E-flat Major- Haydn
  7. Insights: Gershwin’s Rhapsody in blue, by Thomas Verrier- Scoring evolution
  8. Innovations: Music Meets Technology- Mark Scatterday


Issue 4- Fall 2000

  1. Defining the Wind Band Sound- Hunsberger: Patrick Gilmore and his contributions to the development of the American wind band.
  2. Insights: Three Japanese Dances, by Bernard Rogers- A new full score and set of parts in an edition by Timothy Topolewski
  3. A Talk with Frederick Fennell- Conductor Fennell talks about his early impressions of the first performance of the Three Japanese Dances in 1934.
  4. A Talk with Mrs. Bernard Rogers- Elizabeth Rogers discusses Bernard Rogers’ approach to writing the Three Japanese Dances
  5. Wind Library: Catfish Row by George Gershwin- Husberger (arr.)
  6. The Duke of Marlborough Fanfare- Percy Grainger
  7. Concerto for Horn in E-flat, K. 417- Mozart


Issue 5- Spring 2001

  1. Defining the Wind Band Sound- Hunsberger: John Philip Sousa: His Marches
  2. Wind Library: Cuban Overture by George Gershwin- Mark Rogers (arr.)
  3. Wind Library: Second Rhapsody for Piano and Wind Ensemble by Gershwin- Ripley  (arr.)


Issue 6- Spring 2002

  1. Defining the Wind Band Sound- Hunsberger: Sousa Suites and Fantasies
  2. Wind Library: Textures- Harry Bulow
  3. The Eastman Wind Ensemble at 50! Three New Digital Recordings


Issue 7- Winter 2002

  1. Defining the Wind Band Sound- Hunsberger: David Wallace Reeves and the American Band of Providence, RI
  2. Wind Library: Echoes of the 1860’s- Donald Hunsberger (arr.)
  3. Wind Library: Harrison’s Dream- Peter Graham
  4. Wind Library: Descriptive Catalog


Issue 8-  Winter 2003

  1. Defining the Wind Band Sound- Hunsberger: Writers and publications of the Sousa Era
  2. Wind Library: Carmen Fantasia; Under Gypsy Skies; A Stephen Foster Set- Hunsberger (arr.)
  3. Wind Library: Sandburg Reflections- Lewis Buckley (for mezzo soprano and winds)
  4. Wind LIbrary: Ouverture by Germaine Tailleferre, arr. Paynter, ed. Boyd
  5. On the Bookshelf: The Wind Band and its Repertoire- Michael Votta


Issue 9- Spring 2005

  1. Defining the Wind Band Sounds- Hunsberger: Wind Chamber Music
  2. A Conversation with Rodney Winther and Donald DeRoche
  3. A Chamber music Symposium: The 2004 CCM Chamber Workshop
  4. Wind Library: An Annotated Guide to Wind Chamber Music for Six to Eighteen Players- Rodney Winther
  5. Wind Library: Seascape- Ruth Gipps
  6. Wind Library: Sunan Dances- Dorothy Chang
  7. Wind Library: Vocalise, by Rachmaninoff- Hunsberger (arr.)
  8. Wind Library: Jeanie with the Light Brown Hair, a Setting for Solo Two Trumpets and Wind Ensemble, by Stephen Foster- Hunsberger (arr.)