Eastman Wind Ensemble

Danzante – 2006 CD Release

Danzante CD Cover

2006 CD Release
The Eastman Wind Ensemble, Danzante

© 2006 Summit Records
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James Thompson, trumpet
Mark Davis Scatterday, conductor

Danzante (2004)
Eric Ewazen (b. 1954)
1. Colores [7:23]
2. Recuerdo [8:11]
3. Azzteca [7:50]

4. Folk Music (1998) [4:06]
Louis Stewart (b. 1944)

Concerto for Trumpet, Op. 42a (1987)
Jacques Hetu (b. 1938)
5. Allegro [4:51]
6. Lento [5:42]
7. Allegro vivace [3:30]

8. Emmanuel (1970) [2:45]
Michel Colombier (1939-2004)
Trans. Scatterday

Leader, Lieder (Concerto for Trumpet, 2002)
Dana Wilson (b. 1946)
9. Lighting the way [5:26]
10. Consoling [6:02]
11. Responding [5:07]

From the CD insert:

The Eastman Wind Ensemble is America’s leading wind ensemble. Its core of about 50 performers includes undergraduate and graduate students at the Eastman School of Music. Frederick Fennell first formulated the general concept of the wind ensemble at Eastman in 1952 and under his leadership the group became known as the pioneering force in the symphonic wind band movement in the United States and abroad. Here, with the leadership of Conductor, Mark Scatterday and the brilliant performance from veteran trumpet extraordinaire, James Thompson, Eastman is back and better than ever with “Danzante”, their Summit Records debut.