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Ossia takes its name from the score marking that indicates a musical alternative. This ensemble provides alternatives for the performance of new music at the Eastman School of Music, throughout the Rochester area and beyond. Ossia produces professional-quality concerts of contemporary music, and in so doing, helps the student members learn the musical and entrepreneurial skills needed to mount successful performances.

Programs for concerts are drawn from proposals submitted by Eastman students and members of the Rochester community. Ossia’s goal is to perform works that might not receive performances of similar caliber at Eastman and like institutions, either because of style, media or composer; works of Eastman students (regardless of departmental affiliations) are featured significantly on Ossia productions. Ossia welcomes proposals for projects to be included in its productions from all members of the Eastman community. Projects may include particular pieces, themes for concerts, entire programs, or any ideas germane to the promotion of new music.

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