ESM HR Update

March 27, 2020

Dear Faculty & Staff,

As we adjust to our new way of carrying out business processes, I wanted to make you aware of a few temporary changes now in place that you may find helpful:

Parking in the East End Garage

The City of Rochester announced that they are suspending monthly parking permit fees to include permits for the East End Garage. As a result, we have suspended payroll parking deductions for employees who pay through payroll to park in the East End Garage.  When the City resumes parking fees, Eastman will also reinstate the monthly parking deductions from payroll.  Employees will receive advance email notification prior to the reinstatement taking effect.

Mail Services

Intercampus deliveries are still happening daily, USPS is delivering daily, FedEx and UPS are also making deliveries.  As mail is considered an essential service, someone will be working on-site, twice per week, to manage and sort mail and packages.  As mail bins get full, we will notify facilities to have the bins delivered directly to departments. Department managers will be notified on the date that the mail bin will be delivered and also receive a confirming email once the delivery has occurred.

Welcome Center

The Welcome Center is closed for all regular business operations; however, if you have questions about anything related to services typically provided by the Welcome Center, please send inquiries .

Phone and Voicemail

To keep the technology and phone systems working smoothly, please do not log in to VPN (virtual private network) unless necessary, and be sure to log out when you are not using it.   Employees should also avoid forwarding their voicemail to an off-campus number as it puts a significant strain on the University’s telecommunications system. See other options and get more info.

Any questions or concerns, please email

Elaine Tennity
Human Resource & Administrative Operations Director