Certificate of Advanced Achievement in Music Theory Pedagogy


The Certificate of Advanced Achievement in Music Theory Pedagogy offers a course of study for Eastman graduate students pursuing academic careers that combine music performance and music theory teaching. It is open to all Eastman graduate students (MM, MA, DMA, and PhD). Many of the requirements can be met under the electives category that exist as part of the students’ major curricula and courses that the students are required to take in order to graduate.

The Certificate of Advanced Achievement in Music Theory Pedagogy offers students an opportunity to acquire the necessary skills for classroom teaching without committing to the master’s research project, final skills exam, or teaching recital required of the full MA. The Certificate of Advanced Achievement focuses on immediate skills necessary for classroom success, providing intensive training in music-theory pedagogy, supervised teaching experience, and mentorship by theory faculty. No more than four students will be accepted to the certificate program each year.

What are the Requirements?






TH 421

3 credits

Pedagogy of Music Theory I (Year 1)

TH 471

1 credit

Theory Pedagogy Apprenticeship (Year 2 – Fall)

TH 473

1 credit

Theory Pedagogy Mentorship (Year 2 – Spring)





TH 422

3 credits

Pedagogy of Music Theory II (strongly recommended)

TH 475

3 credits

Intermediate Keyboard Skills (strongly recommended) *

TH 476

3 credits

Advanced Keyboard Skills (by interview assessment)

TH 411

3 credits

Schenkerian Analysis **

TH 431

3 credits

Analysis and Performance

TH 451 or 452

3 credits

Modal or Tonal Counterpoint

TH 480

3 credits

Model Composition

MUE 504

2 credits

Preparing Future Music Faculty

 * May be required for non-keyboard players (by interview assessment).

 ** DMA students may substitute TH411 for TH401, and count it as an elective in the Certificate.

An MM student who has been accepted into the Music Theory Pedagogy Certificate may substitute TH 402 for TH 400; 402 will count toward the theory requirement for the MM degree and also as an elective for the Certificate of Advanced Achievement in Music Theory Pedagogy.

How Can I Apply?

Interested students are invited to submit an application form, transcript, and personal statement to Professor Elizabeth Marvin by February 15. They should also arrange for a confidential reference to be emailed directly to Dr. Marvin. Admission to the program will be by a formal application process to the Department (due February 15), plus recommendations from theory faculty, and interview by committee.

The interview will include musical skills such as score analysis, sight singing, error detection and correction, and keyboard skills such as sight-reading and figured bass. Once accepted, the student will be advised by the chair of the departmental committee that oversees the MA THP.


Dr. Elizabeth Marvin
Professor of Music Theory
Program Director, Advanced Certificate of Achievement in Music Theory Pedagogy