A Salute to Veterans

Over the years we at the Eastman School of Music have graduated thousands of wonderful musicians who in one respect or another have brought joy and happiness to millions through their art, but it is with greatest pride we, every once in a while, celebrate those musicians who chose to serve their country.

 One of my personal experiences was interning over the summer for the United States Army Band “Pershings Own” and getting to sit alongside our wonderful musicians in uniform. Many of these men and women who could have gone on to lead successful careers as orchestral musicians or soloists took up the mantle to serve their country. Many, who I learned later, were on their ten thousandth rendition of Stars and Stripes Forever, never lost their sense of duty and love for their country. I took with me not only a sense of pride for Eastman for all the grads in the band, but also a sense of pride for my country.

Numerous male and female graduates of Eastman have gone on to serve their country in the Navy, Army, Marines, Air Force, and Coast Guard, all of whom bring a special sense of pride to this community. On this beautiful Veterans Day in Rocheste,r New York, the Eastman School would like to thank not only the numerous alumni and faculty members who have chosen to serve now and in the past, but to all the veterans everywhere who have served our country. 

-Andrew Psarris ’15

Andrew is a trumpet performance major.