Music for a Saturday Morning


Eastman evenings are always filled with music, but we offer concerts during the daytime too. Tomorrow morning at 11, our Morning Chamber Music Series offers piano trios by Haydn and Mozart with a difference — they’ll be performed on “period” piano (known as a fortepiano), violin, and cello. The term “period” denotes instruments constructed and played in a style matching the time the music was written – in this case the late 18th century. For example, the violin and cello use gut strings instead of metal strings and are played with a different, lighter bow, and the fortepiano is smaller than a modern piano, with a wood rather than metal frame. The instruments give this great music a lighter, more transparent sound.

Our Morning Chamber Music Series concerts are directed by cellist Rosemary Elliott, who’ll perform with pianist Elinor Freer and violinist Nicholas DiEugenio. They are free and informal and take place in beautiful Hatch Recital Hall.