Applying to Eastman: Insider Tips

The December 1st Eastman application deadline is coming up soon! Here are some insider tips from an admissions counselor to help you avoid common problems:

  • Read the instructions first. The importance of this step can’t be overstated.  Every school you are applying to will have its own unique requirements, and you must read the instructions to know what is expected.  You’ll find Eastman’s application instruction for undergraduate applicants here, and for graduate applicants here.
  • Choose your preferred audition dates carefully, and mark them on your calendar before you submit your application.  If you successfully pass the pre-screening round (or if pre-screening is not required for your program) the we will try to schedule your audition on your first or second choice date option if at all possible. Keep those dates open to prevent date conflicts.  If a conflict comes up, let Admissions know right away by calling or emailing us, even if you are still awaiting pre-screening results.
  • Talk to your recommenders now.  Most recommendation letters, including those for Eastman, can now be submitted online. However, you should still contact each of your recommenders first before adding their names to your application.  It is a professional courtesy to ask first whether they are willing to write on your behalf, and they may need a helpful reminder about the great work you have done.  Don’t wait until the deadline is here to reach out to them.  If you need to send them a reminder, you can do that from your application status page after submitting your application.

  • Request your transcript.  You can either scan and upload your transcripts within your Eastman application or send them by postal mail to the Office of Admissions. In either case you need to request them well in advance of the December 1st deadline to make sure they arrive on time.  Unofficial copies are also acceptable for your application. If you are accepted and enroll at Eastman, we will ask for an official copy of your transcript by postal mail in early summer.
  • If a pre-screen recording is required for you, treat it like an audition.  Pre-screening is a preliminary round of auditions, and should be treated very seriously.  Make sure your recording reflects your best performance ability, and that you are thoroughly prepared to record.  While you do not need to go to a professional recording studio, you do want to be sure to use quality equipment to make your recording, and do it in a space that is free of background noise or distractions. If you don’t own good recording equipment, consider borrowing some from a teacher or friend.  Also be sure to test your recording files for quality before uploading them.  Each selection should be recorded in a separate file, and each file can be no larger than 1GB in size.
  • Proofread and spell-check every document you submit. The resume and personal statement that you submit with your application are a reflection of your writing skills.  Take the time to spell-check them and proofread them, or better yet ask someone else to proofread.
  • Make sure your name appears consistently on every document.  Make sure your name is written the same way on your application and on every document you submit.  Consistency is key: if you put your legal name on your application but mail in additional documents under a nickname, it may be difficult for the Office of Admissions to match your items together.  If your name has changed, please make sure that the Office of Admissions is aware of any former names to be watching for.
  • Let Admissions know if you have questions. We know that it is stressful trying to get everything completed by the application deadline.  Keep it all in perspective, and remember that the Admissions Office staff is here to help in any way that we can.

Do you have any suggestions or tips to share with your fellow applicants? Please feel free to leave comments below.  For questions, please contact the Admissions Office. Best of luck with the admissions process!

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