Adelin Fermin

Adelin FerminAdelin Fermin (1867-1941) was a member of the voice faculty during the earliest years of the Eastman School. Before coming to Eastman in 1921, Mr. Fermin — known to many as “Daddy Fermin” — taught at the Hague and at the Sweelwicks School in his native Holland. He had a very successful performing career in Europe, singing before Queen Wilhelmina at the Hague and for the Prince of Wales in London. He also was known as a choral conductor and as a soloist in the acclaimed Amsterdam A Capella Choir. At Eastman, Mr. Fermin coached many aspiring vocalists, including baritone John Charles Thomas. Upon his retirement in 1935, Mr. Fermin was named an emeritus member of the Eastman faculty.

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