Eastman Wind Orchestra

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Eastman Wind Orchestra is the school’s freshman/sophomore wind ensemble and is the first (or lower) part of the Conducting and Ensembles rotation system, parallel to ESSO (Eastman School Symphony Orchestra). The curriculum for EWO is similar to the repertoire for EWE and focuses in on standard wind band classics (such as Holst, Persichetti, and Husa), music for chamber winds (such as Gabrieli, Mozart, Dvorák, and Stravinsky), new music for wind ensemble (such as Schwantner, Harbison, and Maslanka) and transcriptions (such as Bach, Shostakovich, and Vaughan Williams). Within four years, students playing in both the EWO and EWE will perform well over 80 works. Woodwind, brass and percussion underclassmen rotate in and out of both EWO and ESSO four times per semester, playing two concerts with each ensemble, following a similar rotation scheme to the Eastman Wind Ensemble and Philharmonia (upper rotation).


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