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Our Venues

Eastman School of Music has three major performance venues. As a student here, it is likely that you will perform on all of these stages at one time or another. As an usher - you are guaranteed to be responsible for the management of these venues during many of our performances. We also have several other smaller performance venues that you may, on occasion, be requested to manage. These venues are listed below for your information.

As an usher, it is important for you to understand the various seating charts so that you are able to effectively send patrons to their seats. Briefly, outlined below are the various ways to understand the venues.

Kodak Hall at Eastman Theatre

This venue is on three separate levels:

A screenshot of the seating diagram for Kodak Hall can be found here: Kodak Hall Seating Chart

Kilbourn Hall

Kilbourn Hall is also a venue that is considered to be on three levels. Seating a maximum of 453 patrons (not including stage seating), this venue is one of the most beautiful chamber music performances venues in the Country. The venue is split up as follows:

A seating chart of Kilbourn Hall can be found here: Kilbourn Hall

Hatch Recital Hall

Hatch Recital Hall is the smallest and newest of our major performance venues. Seating 222 seats, this venue is on two levels.

There are 8 "transfer seats" located throughout the venue. These are marked on the seating chart. The definition of a transfer seat is one with an arm rest that can be opened to allow for easier access to the seat. A seating chart of Hatch Recital Hall can be found here: Hatch Recital Hall

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