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Erin Lehman
Erin Lehman

ERIN V. LEHMAN, Ph.D. is a Team Leader at Boston Adventures, a corporate events company specializing in customized teambuilding programs and outings. Prior to this, Dr. Lehman worked for the Organization Practice at McKinsey & Company in Washington, D.C. and spent 20 years working with Professor J. Richard Hackman, in the Department of Psychology at Harvard University, at the John F. Kennedy School of Government, and at the Harvard Graduate School of Business Administration.

Her research, publications, and professional interests center on leadership and teamwork, especially in self-governing and senior leadership teams. Dr. Lehman received a Bachelors degree in economics from Wellesley College and a Ph.D. in organizational behavior from City University in London, England.


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  • Hi Erin
    What a sad note.
    What a great guy.
    I have read and re-read ‘Leading Teams’ to the point that the cover is falling off.

    Can you give me some information for a blog post I am writing?
    I know that J Richard Hackman played an instrument in an ensemble because I recall an illustration he used.
    However I can’t find it and would like to mention the instrument.

    I love the story Teresa Amabile tells of how JRH lifted her up to see the flowers.
    He must have been such a nice man.

    All the best


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