Musician’s Health Issues — A Reminder to Take Care of Yourself

If you have an interest or concerns about musician’s health issues, you will want to check out this Special Report from Musical America. It covers topics ranging from injury prevention, (with frequent contributor, Janet Horvath, prominently represented), to health care plans for performing musicians. Here’s a sampling of “chapters.”

  • Musician, Protect Thyself: A Few Ounces of Prevention
  • Clinics and Medical Practitioners
  • Good News Case Study No. 1: Peter Oundjian’s Personal Journey
  • Turning Performance Anxiety into Your Personal Best
  • Good News Case Study No. 2: Flutist Nora Shulman
  • Insuring Your Staffers: An Informal Survey
  • Group Health Insurance Plans for Performing Artists

The lesson for today is to take care of yourself. It it hurts, take a rest. There are lots of things to work on in addition to developing great motor skills. “Brain practice” is valuable too. .  .  . and don’t forget about intense focused listening.

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