The New York Association of College Music Programs ByLaws

Article I. Name and Composition

The name of the organization is the New York Association of College Music Programs, hereinafter referred to as the Association.

Article II. Purpose and Goals

The purpose of the Association is to advance the cause of music in higher education generally and to improve the quality and program of the music education system in New York through the promotion of cooperation between all colleges and universities and through the exercise of educational leadership. Additionally, the Association:

1. Encourages membership in the Association of music schools and departments that exhibit high quality in meeting their own stated purposes.

2. Serves the State Education Department, the New York Council of the Arts, and other appropriate organizations and agencies in an advisory capacity on music matters.

3. Serves as a body through which cooperative action may be taken.

4. Provides a forum for the discussion of major issues relating to music in higher education in New York and for the exchange of information on curriculum content and member institutions.

5. Conducts research and communicates to its members information on current developments in music in higher education in New York.

6. Furthers the understanding of music's importance as an essential element in the general education of all students.

7. Serves in an advisory capacity to individual music departments without infringing on their integrity and autonomy.

8. Works toward public understanding of music education, solutions for its problems and realization of its potential.

Article III. Membership

Membership in the Association is open to the music schools or departments of those colleges and universities in New York holding membership in the Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools. Any teacher in the music department of an institution that is a member of the Association has the privilege of attending meetings. At the discretion of the Executive Committee, representatives of non-member institutions and guests may be invited to attend meetings.

Article IV. Officers

Section 1. The elective officers of the Association are the President, Past President, Vice-President, Secretary-Treasurer, and three representatives from the general membership (one representing two-year institutions, one representing four-year private institutions and one representing four-year public institutions). The officers collectively form the Executive Committee. The President, Past President and Vice-President serve two-year terms each. The three representatives from the general membership and the Secretary/Treasurer serve three-year terms.

Section 2.  The President presides at meetings of the Association, chairs the Executive Committee, serves as the official representative of the Association and appoints the personnel of committees and commissions on which the President serves as an ex-officio member. The President may not serve two consecutive terms.

Section 3. The Vice-President arranges the program for the annual meeting in consultation with the President and the Executive Committee. The Vice-President also presides over the organization in the absence of the President and at meetings where assigned by the President. The Vice-President is also President-Elect of the Association.

Section 4.  The Secretary/Treasurer maintains the meeting and financial records of the organization, establishes a bank account in the organization's name and makes all financial transactions, including deposits and payments.

Section 5. The newly elected officers of the Association assume their duties and terms of office upon the adjournment of the annual meeting. All officers are elected by a majority vote of the active members present and voting at an annual meeting of the Association.

Article V. Meetings

Section 1. The Association meets annually on the second Saturday after Labor Day. The meeting is held on a different college campus each year to provide the best possible geographic representation from member schools.

Section 2. The Association conducts a lunch meeting at the annual National Association of Schools of Music Conference.

Section 3. The Association conducts a business meeting at the New York State School Music Association annual conference.  In addition, the Association sponsors a workshop at this conference dealing with topics of interest to music educators.

Article VI. Committees and Commissions

Section 1. Nominations: Prior to the September meeting, the President contacts the Executive Committee to discuss the names of people who may be interested in filling an expired term or current vacancy.  These names are placed in nomination at the September meeting and voted upon by the membership. Nominations are also taken from the floor.

Section 2. Commissions: The Commissions comprise the working units of the Association. They carry out their functions during the year and are composed of representatives of member institutions on an overlapping term basis to provide continuity in their concerns and assigned work. Each commission is composed of a Chair and three appropriately chosen additional members. Such commissions are approved and established by the Executive Committee and function under the general administrative control of the Executive Committee.

Article VII. Finances

Each member school pays an annual fee as established by the Association. The Secretary/Treasurer submits an invitation to membership as well as a statement of dues to each eligible institution by June 30 of each year. Non-payment of dues by October 15 indicates that an institution is not a member.


Revised:  2017