This is my last stop on my first ever vlog journey and so big thanks to for getting me started!


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Nicole Camacho
Nicole Camacho

New York based Flutist, composer, and improviser, Nicole Camacho is creating a name for herself as an eclectic musician via vibrant premieres of composers’ works, performing in the world of popular music, involving an element of multi-media in her solo performances, and composing new flute works with a language all her own. She is a member of the folk band KK Group led by Norwegian Singer/ Songwriter, Kjersti Kveli and a founding member of Cochlea Freedom Ensemble a free improvisation group. As a result of her deep love for community, Nicole directs a community concert production organization by the name of Music Unboxed and writes a blog dedicated to featuring what's new in the flute community called Future of Flute. :0)