Middlebury Language Schools for Vocalists

Every summer, students and teachers, scholars and artists, entrepreneurs and political leaders from around the world gather at the Middlebury Language Schools.

They apply their considerable efforts to one goal—creating the richest, most effective language-learning environment on earth. Within this environment, a miracle occurs. Those who arrive with basic language skills expand them dramatically, allowing them to engage with native speakers in an informed discussion of cultural, political, or social issues.

The catalyst for this miracle is the Language Pledge, a promise made by students, faculty, and staff to communicate solely in their language of choice for the duration of their time in the program. Within the classroom, the Language Pledge supports the creation of a solid foundation in language—reading, writing, listening, and speaking. Outside the classroom, the Pledge fosters meaningful engagement and fluency acquisition, as students participate in a vast range of cocurricular activities, all of which happen in language.

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Russell Rybicki
Russell Rybicki