Kendall Betts Horn Camp

KBHC is a UNIQUE SEMINAR and RETREAT for horn players age 14 and older who are seriously interested in improving their performance skills and musicianship. Amateurs, professionals, students and educators are invited to study and perform in this intense program under the guidance of a world class faculty in the beautiful White Mountains of New Hampshire.
Curriculum is tailored to the needs and goals of each individual participant. The schedule includes private lessons, master classes, horn ensembles, mock orchestral auditions, informal performances and public concerts. Participants receive instruction in all aspects of playing the horn.
FUNDAMENTALS: improve your breathing, embouchure, tone production, rhythm, articulation, phrasing, intonation, dynamics and endurance.
SOLO REPERTOIRE and RECITAL PREPARATION: refine your solo performance abilities and perform in public if you wish. ORCHESTRAL REPERTOIRE and AUDITION PREPARATION: perfect your audition skills and knowledge of orchestral excerpts and take a mock audition if you so choose.
ENSEMBLES: fine tune your capability to perform successfully in the horn section.
ENROLLMENT is LIMITED in order to enable a participant to faculty ratio 4:1. This ensures that every participant has an unparalleled opportunity to IMPROVE their TECHNIQUE and MUSICIANSHIP. All of this in a noncompetitive atmosphere of FUN and CAMARADERIE in the IDYLLIC COUNTRY SETTING of Camp

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Russell Rybicki