Chautauqua Music Festival

A summer studying music at Chautauqua Institution’s Music Festival is like no other educational experience. More than any other place in the world, Chautauqua blends music, dance, theater, visual arts, opera, a distinguished lecture platform, leisure activities and religion for a wonderfully diverse public.

At Chautauqua a student lives as an integral member of the 7,000 resident population. The music festival’s facilities, with new instruction and performance spaces, are now complete. This includes 24 custom teaching studios, 40 air-conditioned practice studios and two new state-of- the-art recital halls with flexible seating and staging.

The schools of music, dance, theater and art, are represented by professional counterparts. Students are encouraged to freely attend opera, symphony, theater and galleries throughout the duration of the festival. Chautauqua’s famous Victorian grounds, border a 17-mile lake providing a superb atmosphere to study and relax with other professional and student artists from the fine and performing arts.

At Chautauqua, the programs are designed for exceptional students from ages 17 to 25. The festival is akin to a professional experience and students need to be prepared to undertake the demands of the seven-week curriculum. I strongly believe no music student’s career would be complete without at least one visit to this extraordinary environment and festival. Be prepared for a life-changing experience. Visit this web site for schedule updates and to learn more about the summer school music program at the Chautauqua Institution.

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Russell Rybicki
Russell Rybicki