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Lucinda Lewis
Lucinda Lewis

A native of Kansas City, Missouri, Lucinda Lewis began her musical studies at the age of 9. From 1964-68, she was a student of Kansas City Philharmonic hornist James Funkhouser. She entered the Manhattan School of Music in 1968, where she studied with Clarendon Van Norman, principal horn of the Metropolitan Opera Orchestra, and earned degrees of Bachelor and Masters of Music Performance. After three years in Israel, Lewis became the principal horn of the New Jersey Symphony Orchestra in 1977. She served as an officer and governing board member of the International Conference of Symphony and Opera Musicians (ICSOM) from 1990-2002.

In 2000, Lewis launched an informational web site for brass players, Embouchures.com. In 2002, she published Broken Embouchures, a book dealing with the overuse and performance-related injuries of brass players, and is a much sought-after expert in the treatment of such injuries. In June, 2005, she was invited to join the faculty of the Performing Arts Medical Association during their annual symposium in Aspen, Colorado.

Lucinda Lewis is also a successful artist and goldsmith. In 1968, she was awarded the National Gold Metal in sculpture and has exhibited her works throughout the United States. A successful jewelry designer, Lewis creates original intarcia (inlaid stones) designs set in gold and silver.

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  • Just read this 2006 article from Lucinda Lewis. I have started to play the Cornet after many years out of Brass Band(England) playing but I cannot achieve an ideal embouchure. In order to create a sound I have to place the mouthiece Directly on to my top lip. The higher the note the further down my lip I have to place the mouthpiece and I can only achieve “F” above middle “C”. My teeth and mouth are “Normally” formed although my front top teeth are perhaps slightly longeer than is usual. The result of all this is pressure on my lips which cause me to weaken considerably after only a short while of playing (Embouchure overuse?).Can I ever achieve an ideal embouchure? I feel quite didpirited about it. John

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