You Are Your Best Audience

Today’s post is the fourth post in our August Guest Blog Series!  Elizabeth Erenberg is a flutist and co-founder of the website, a site dedicated to sharing and generating positive music news. 

In the fluidity that is a music career, I define myself differently almost every day.

Today, I am a blogger.
Last week, I was a performing flutist.
Yesterday, I was a music teacher.
Tomorrow, I’ll be a music advocate.

Over the years, I’ve dreamt several paths in music (orchestral flutist to college professor, new music specialist to teacher, journalist to world-class basket weaver).

One day a few months ago, I sat at my computer for the usual sweep of music blogs, social media’s trending stories, and other music news. That particular day though, I felt a sudden jolt of panic. I knew before I turned on the computer what the screen would show.

Seemingly stable, world-renowned organizations (many that I had long dreamt of being part of) were struggling, going bankrupt, or disappearing. I had to honestly ask, what was the motivation to keep working and practicing with a future so unpredictable?

Then came to mind the phrase I heard so much in music school.

Know your audience.

As it happens, the times I’ve been most creatively productive and fearless were when I could pinpoint whom, other than myself, my work was really serving.

When I was learning Andre Jolivet’s flute piece Chant de Linos, I questioned who in the greater world, besides fellow musicians in a conservatory environment, would want to hear it. That inspired me to curate a concert about Greek Mythology.

When I was recording my first commercial album, I struggled with how to make this recording different from other ones. I envisioned my true audience (other than those in my inner circle who I beg/force/bribe invite to listen) as those who would feel lifted by the music; those who want to Ascend.

Each of these scenarios involved starting with myself as the audience, and using that to find other like-minded people.

So, as my finger drifted hesitantly over the power button, I thought hard. If I am an audience member for the greater music media, what would I like to see?

I wanted a place for POSITIVE news in the music world, where people like me could be informed without being discouraged.

The idea of this platform nagged at me for several weeks. I called Zach Preucil, my good friend and former co-editor of the conservatory newspaper (and frequent blogger for Polyphonic). Several months after that, he and I launched the experimental endeavor that is Musicovation.

We are not only finding and sharing good news. We’re also generating it. We want this site to be where musicians promote their projects, ensembles, organizations, and network with each other. The goal is to keep music thriving and strong.

Even though we have a pretty clear idea for Musicovation right now, it will likely change, as will its audience, as will the music industry, and as will I.

The best way to sell something is to truly believe in it. So therefore, the first and most important audience member is you, however you define yourself on any given day.

What are your thoughts on Musicovation? Leave a comment or get in touch. We invite ensembles, musicians, and organizations to be featured!

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Elizabeth Erenberg
Elizabeth Erenberg

Elizabeth Erenberg is a flutist by trade, and additionally a freelance writer and Marketing & Communications Manager for Greater Boston at the NPR show and non-organization From the Top. With a passion for innovation and generating new audiences for the arts, she recently founded an online forum for positive news in the music industry, called Musicovation.

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