2013 Recap: Top 10 Most Popular Posts!

All of us at Polyphonic.org want to thank you, our readers, for making 2013 a great year!  This past year you joined over 63,000 people who visited Polyphonic.org a total of more than 92,000 times!

Below are the top 10 most popular posts of the year from Polyphonic.org based on number of views!

#1: Bringing Down the Sky: From Great to Good in Minnesota
By Michael Manley

#2. Gee, All I Ever Wanted to Do Was Play My Instrument…
By Nathan Kahn

#3. Depreciation of Musical Instruments
By William Hunt

#4. Bought and Paid For
By Robert Levine

#5. Embouchure Overuse Syndrome in Brass Players
By Lucinda Lewis

#6. When Vampire Squid Meets Orchestra
By Robert Levine

#7. Another Missed Opportunity
By Robert Levine

#8. Organizational Culture: Metaphor
By Laura Roelofs

#9. Why Not Try Negotiating?
By Robert Levine

#10. Orchestra Spotlight: Toronto Symphony Orchestra
By Ann Drinan

Happy New Year from all of us at Polyphonic.org!

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