Paul Boulian: The Economic Reality of Orchestras

For this Editor’s Choice I decided to look back at some interviews we recorded in years past. There are some real gems here. The one I chose to feature this time around is a conversation between Paul Boulian and Greg Sandow discussing the economic reality of orchestras. Though it was recorded in February 2009, it remains very relevant today. Below is a list of just SOME of the topics covered. Click here to watch two well-informed, committed (can I add brilliant) persons offering their experience, opinions and wisdom on the subject of orchestra economics.

Paul’s background and experience with orchestras – 0:52

What the customer wants “vs.” the orchestra’s mission – 4:22

The correlation between ticket prices and subscriber numbers – 7:37

Case studies of price reductions – 9:18

A prohibitive financial structure – 18:16

Orchestras’ perceived “lessons” from the commercial world – 23:54

Research and understanding the patrons – 35:29

Improving the core experience: the music – 40:01

An orchestra as the “house band” for its city – 44:08

The two fundamental problems on orchestras’ finances – 48:54

Support from ethnic communities – 1:02:16

Closing – 1:03:06

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