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QMWho should I ask? Often times we have questions about our career path, life, relationships, etc.  Sometimes we seek out those close to us whom we respect to give us advice, other times we just keep our questions to ourselves, and sometimes we seek out someone we don’t actually know to ask for their expertise.  It can certainly be beneficial to get unbiased advice from someone who doesn’t know you and isn’t necessarily afraid to be honest with you.  And, perhaps there are others out there that have the same question as you, and would benefit from the advice that you are seeking.  In this spirit, a new blog project by Musical America is a welcomed resource for all of us with questions in need of an answer! and Edna Landau recently announced the upcoming launch of “Ask Edna,” a weekly column which will primarily address career questions for young musicians.  The column will be free to visitors and “askers” and will be hosted on   Musicians will be able to write in questions that will be shared along with Edna’s advice on the site each Thursday.  A music industry mogul, Edna Landau was the longtime Director of IMG Artists, where she helped launch the careers of household name classical musicians such as Joshua Bell.

In the announcement from Musical America, Edna offers her first bit of advice to young musicians, suggesting that they can grow their own careers with “hard work, blind faith, passion for the cause, incessant networking, and a vision that refuses to be tarnished by naysayers.”   I don’t know about you, but after that, I’m ready to read more!

Edna will begin posting answers to questions on January 27th, but you can submit questions now in advance!  Simply send your questions to:

At Polyphonic On Campus, we are excited to see this new resource for young musicians and we thank Edna Landau and Musical America for their leadership and dedication to advancing the careers of young musicians.  Be sure to check out “Ask Edna” on once it launches on January 27th!

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Stephen Danyew
Stephen Danyew

Steve Danyew is a composer, saxophonist, teacher, and arts administrator based in Rochester, NY. Danyew composes works for chamber ensembles, large instrumental ensembles, choirs and more, and currently serves as Managing Editor of His music has been hailed as “startlingly beautiful” and “undeniably well crafted and communicative” by the Miami Herald, and has been praised as possessing “sensitivity, skill and tremendous sophistication” by the Kansas City Independent. Steve received a B.M. cum laude, Pi Kappa Lambda from the Frost School of Music at the University of Miami and holds an M.M. in Composition and Certificate in Arts Leadership from the Eastman School of Music.

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