Musicians Business Challenge—A Highly Competitive and Large Talent Pool

OK, so we all agree that it’s tough out there in the real world. Nobody argues with that, but we don’t let it get in our way. Successful people in music are drawn to the music itself. It may sound corny but music and performance can be very addictive. The music profession calls us, and music educators have been doing a great job of getting us prepared. With thirty-nine years of listening to entrance auditions for the Eastman School behind me, I can tell you that the musicianship and skill level of entering college freshmen rises each year.

All of this means one simple thing: the market is saturated with many highly-qualified musicians. As a result, basic laws of economics have driven down the market value of the services of most musicians. Remember the musician as commodity discussion in an earlier blog? As previously said, there is plenty of supply. What we need to do is increase demand, and to somehow find a way to break from the pack.

One way an individual can create a competitive advantage in music is to take charge and make a career. Be pro-active and don’t wait for something to come to you. Go after it. Recognize opportunities and don’t be afraid to take calculated risks. In other words, be entrepreneurial.

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