Woodwinds, Brass, & Percussion

Degrees Offered

Undergraduate Study

Undergraduates in the department also participate in large ensembles each semester: Eastman School Symphony Orchestra or Wind Orchestra (first-years and sophomores); Philharmonia or Wind Ensemble (upperclassmen). Individual teachers coordinate students’ rotation between symphony orchestra and wind ensemble. Students may also participate in Jazz Ensemble, Studio Orchestra, Musica Nova, ensemble courses in chamber music, and other ensembles.

Graduate Study

Studies leading to the Master of Music and Doctor of Musical Arts degrees in performance and literature are designed to prepare the graduate student for careers in performing and teaching at the college level. The flexibility of the degree programs allows the student to choose courses based on individual interests and needs. High levels of performing ability and scholarship must be demonstrated for admission.

Through the Master of Music degree program in performance and literature with a major in woodwind doubling, a student may develop as a woodwind specialist. Rather than concentrating applied music study on one instrument, the student works toward major proficiency on two woodwind instruments and secondary proficiency on three others. This special program is intended for the musician who wishes to prepare for performing and teaching opportunities that require strong performance skills in, and knowledge of, the literature of several woodwind instruments.

The department numbers approximately 16 undergraduate and 4 graduate flute students; 16 undergraduate and 4 graduate oboe students; 18 undergraduate and 4 graduate clarinet students; 16 undergraduate and 4 graduate bassoon students; 14 undergraduate and 6 graduate saxophone students; 16 undergraduate and 6 graduate trumpet students; 18 undergraduate and 4 graduate horn students; 16 undergraduate and 2 graduate trombone students; 3 undergraduate and 1 graduate euphonium students; 8 undergraduate and 1 graduate tuba students; 16 undergraduate and 4 graduate percussion students.

General Degree/Program Information