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Ushering at Eastman

Eastman School of Music co-ordinates and manages over 700 performances per calendar year in our major performance venues. Many of these performances involve students, most of whom will probably be your close friends and colleagues. In addition to these events, Eastman School of Music also runs 5 major performance series: Eastman Presents, Eastman Ranlet Series, Kilbourn Concert Series, Fernando Laires Piano Series, and the Barbara B Smith World Music Series.

As an Usher, it is your responsibility to be aware of every detail of the performance you are working on, including, but not limited to: Program Content, Stage Changes, Seating Arrangements and Performing Artists. To that end, the responsibilites of an Usher at Eastman can be found within the following links.

Usher Handbook

Head Usher

Front of House and Backstage duties are performed by members of the usher crew and each duty is assigned on the night of a given performance. If you have a specific preference to your location, arrive early and speak with the Head Usher. All Ushers are required to be conversant with the duties of both Front of House and Backstage.

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