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Anthony Plog Trumpet Ensemble Commission: Contrasts for 5 Trumpets

Eastman Trumpet Competition Finalists

Members of the Eastman Trumpet Studio after the 2014 National Trumpet Competition’s Award Ceremony

The Eastman School of Music’s Trumpet Studio embarked on a landmark commission this year. After this past year’s performance of one of our trumpet ensembles at the National Trumpet Competition, we approached composer Anthony Plog to write a new trumpet ensemble work for 5 trumpets. The new work, entitled Contrasts for 5 Trumpets, pushes each performer as if each part was its own concerto. The ensemble hopes to officially premiere the work this coming spring as well as compete in the National Trumpet Competition’s Trumpet Ensemble Division. We hope that this new addition to the trumpet ensemble and chamber music repertoire will help develop a stronger love and appreciation for new music. The members of the ensemble and the rest of the trumpet studio are currently raising the funds to pay for the commission. Please help us reach out goal by contributing to our GoFundMe website. Any amount helps us get that much closer to reaching our goal.

∗∗∗UPDATE (8-9-14)∗∗∗

On July 31st, the Eastman Trumpet Studio reached their goal of raising $2,300 to pay for their newly commissioned work from Anthony Plog. In less than a month we were able to reach our goal and we owe it all to you and those who helped. Thank you all so much. We are currently awaiting the arrival of the piece from Editions Bim so we can begin rehearsing and preparing for this upcoming year’s National Trumpet Competition in Messiah, Pennsylvania.

Edward Tarr’s Music Library!

Thompson and Tarr

Eastman Professor, James Thompson, and Trumpet Historian, Edward Tarr, practicing their baroque trumpeting skills in Tarr’s private home.

Recently, the Eastman School of Music received a generous donation from the world’s leading trumpet historian, Edward Tarr. Tarr donated thousands of original manuscripts, book, documents, and sheet music of historical trumpet repertoire and pedagogy to the Eastman School of Music’s Sibley Library this past summer. His donation has provided trumpet students, not only at Eastman, but the world with more widely accessed information on the historical performance practice of the trumpet and its repertoire. These documents are not currently available for examination as Sibley Library staff are working to categorize, file and inventory each piece item. More information regarding its availability coming soon.

Baroque Trumpet Instruction and Performance

With the addition of Edward Tarr’s music to the Eastman School of Music’s collection at Sibley Library, the Eastman Trumpet Studio has also added a Baroque Trumpet Performance component to our Undergraduate Performance Degree. With the increase of interest by orchestra conductors throughout the world to perform music that more accurately represent the common performance practice of its time, the need for baroque trumpet instruction and practice at the academic level is needed. We are always trying to prepare our students to tackle any musical style or request that is asked of them in the musical world – the baroque trumpet is just another tool our students need to master to remain competitive in the changing performance environment.

We are currently in the process of raising money to purchase several baroque trumpets for use at the Eastman School of Music. If you would like to contribute to this fund please contact the Eastman School of Music’s Office of Advancement at (585)  274-1045.