Music Theory

Undergraduate Core Curriculum

The theory segment of the undergraduate core curriculum is a five-semester sequence. This sequence is divided into two coordinated series of courses, one to develop aural musicianship and another to develop music-analytical and written compositional skills. Placement in theory classes depends upon the ability, background, and individual needs of each student, as determined by written examinations and interviews during orientation.

Individual Tutoring for Undergraduate Students Taking Theory Courses

A small fund is available to provide free individual tutoring for undergraduates who are identified by their instructor as needing special support in aural and written theory classes in the core curriculum. Only students registered for a core theory course and in good standing with respect to attendance and participation may apply for this tutoring, which may be initiated by speaking with the course instructor. The department normally allocates tutoring based on the student’s work around the third week of the semester.  This assessment is revisited after the midterm examination, at which time tutoring may be discontinued, or new students added to the program.  Students recommended for tutoring sign a contract outlining the expectations for  participation; failure to attend a session without notifying the tutor in advance may result in discontinuation.  If a student desires tutoring but does not qualify for the departmental subsidy (i.e., not in immediate danger of failing), a tutor can be recommended for which the student pays at the rate established by the department.