Music Theory

Student Accomplishments

This page shows some recent accomplishments of graduate students in Eastman’s theory department.

Owen Belcher presented a paper at the Gesellschaft fur Musiktheorie (Hannover, Germany; October 2016).

Sam Bivens presented a paper at EuroMAC 9, “Time-Pitch Isomorphisms in ‘Die Walküre’.”

Myles Boothroyd’s saxophone quartet were guest artists at Alabama University (September 2016) and performed at the Third Presbyterian Church Candlelight Concert Series (February 2017) and the Astral Artist Concert Series (March 2017).

Amy Fleming presented a paper at the Society for Christian Scholarship in Music’s Annual Meeting, February 2017: “One More River to Cross: Heavenly Expectations in George Crumb’s ‘The River of Life’.”

David Hier presented a paper on Schoenberg at the Schoenberg Symposium in Vienna, Austria in October 2016.

David Keep presented a paper at MTSNYS (2017): “Failed Musical Memory and Intertextuality in Brahms’s Op. 83 Andante.”

Daniel Ketter participated in a tour with Music in the American Wild of seven national parks, supported in part by a grant from the National Endowment for the Arts.

Catrina Kim presented a paper at the Society for Music Theory’s 2016 Annual Meeting in Vancouver, BC: “Mendelssohn’s Framing Techniques: Multi-Stage and Recurring Introductions.”

Ethan Lustig and Ivan Tan co-presented a paper at ICMPC San Francisco in July 2016: “All about that bass: timbre and groove perception in synthesized basslines.”

Samuel Reenan co-authored an article (with Richard Bass) in Music Theory Online, 22.2, June 2016: “Types and Applications of P3,0 Seventh-Chord Transformations in Late Nineteenth-Century Music.”

Alan Reese presented the paper “”Modeling Keyboard Bitonality in the Wartime Works of Karol Szymanowski” at MTSNYS 2017 in Geneva, NY.

Joseph Siu presented a paper at the South Central Society for Music Theory Annual Meeting, Memphis, TN (March 17-18, 2017): “Reexamining the Loosely-Knit Subordinate Theme in the Classical Style: A Phrase Rhythmic Approach.”

Joseph VanderStel presented a paper at SMPC 2017: “Contrastive Valence in the Experience of Melody and Harmony” (co-authored with David Temperley).