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Special Announcement: Beginning with Volume 33, Intégral: The Journal of Applied Musical Thought will become an online, open-access journal. For more information, see submission guidelines.

For more recent news and updates see our editors’ note for volume 32:

Intégral Volume 32 Editors’ Note


Intégral is a scholarly, peer-reviewed journal refereed by its professional editorial board. Published since 1987, the journal pursues an implicit mandate to explore and exploit the increasing pluralism of the music-theoretic field. It is published annually by the graduate theory students in music theory at the Eastman School of Music.

The current members of Intégral’s editorial board are: Kyle Adams, Brian Alegant, Karl Braunschweig, Mark Butler, Johanna Devaney, Alan Dodson, Marion Guck, Julian Hook, Jason Hooper, Graham Hunt, J. Daniel Jenkins, Evan Jones, Frank Lehman, Daphne Leong, John McKay, Scott Murphy, Christoph Neidhöfer, Andrew Pau, Rene Rusch, Peter Schubert, and Christopher Segall.