Music Theory

Bachelor of Music in Theory

This major is intended for students interested in combining theoretical studies of musical structure with most of the requirements of the BM in applied music or composition or, more rarely, the BA in another academic area. Music theory majors take required lessons in faculty studios and participate in student ensembles, as well as taking advanced courses in theory and writing a senior thesis.

  • Preliminary requirement: Applicants must submit a written paper with their application forms by the application deadline. The purpose of this paper is to evaluate the applicant’s writing ability. This paper need not be on a musical topic. (Note that this is not a prescreening requirement; all applicants to this program will be scheduled for an audition/interview.)
  • Interview requirement: Undergraduate theory applicants will be interviewed by the theory faculty. Interviews are not conducted at regional audition centers; all theory applicants must audition and interview in Rochester.
  • Audition requirement: On the same day the applicant interviews in Rochester, he or she will also be scheduled for an audition on his or her applied instrument or voice. Applicants should follow the repertory guidelines given in the following page: Audition Repertory by Instrument.

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