The UHS Health Promotion Office inspires UR students to LIVE, GROW and THRIVE on campus! Our team provides a variety of health education and wellness programs throughout the year, focusing on the topics that are most meaningful to Eastman students. In addition, we collaborate with the campus community and support a variety of student-led health promotion initiatives throughout each academic year.

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Yoga Classes Fitness  MentalWellness

Take time each week to relax and unwind. Free yoga classes are available every Wednesday at 5:45 in the Directors Dining Room at the Student Living Center. Prior yoga experience is not necessary.

Feel Fabulous in February MentalWellness

A week of feel-good programs to help you beat the winter blues! Look for program flyers in mid-February for all of the details.

UR Supported MentalWellness

If you’re struggling with feeling stressed out, overwhelmed, or having difficulty balancing it all, we’re here to help. The UR Supported sessions are led by staff, faculty and students and will provide you with useful strategies to help you cope.

Educational Hall Programs Fitness MentalWellness Nutrition SexRelationships

Throughout the year, Residential Advisors provide educational hall programs on a variety of health topics including sleep, sexual health and healthy eating.

Meditation Room MentalWellness

The Meditation Room is designed to be a relaxing atmosphere where residents can practice yoga, meditate, work on their Alexander Technique, or focus on spiritual practice. Keys are available at the SLC front desk.


Healthcare UHS and UCC in the SLC

University Health Services and the University Counseling Center are located on the first floor of the Student Living Center. Students are able to schedule a convenient appointment with their health care provider or a mental health therapist. Visits are always confidential.

SexRelationships Safe Sex Express

The Safe Sex Express program allows easy access to safe sex products in a convenient and inconspicuous way. Simply order condoms and lube via an online form and have them delivered to your mailbox.


MentalWellness Koru Mindfulness

A 4-week workshop designed specifically for college students to teach the practice of mindfulness & meditation for stress reduction.



Peer Health Advocacy (PH 216)

Are you interested in inspiring your peers to make healthy choices? Then Peer Health Advocacy is for you! Open to students in any major, this course focuses on contemporary health and wellness issues for college students.


PHA Internship (PH 394A)

Peer Health Advocates (PHAs) are student leaders who empower fellow students to make healthy lifestyle choices. They are trained to develop. promote, and provide health and wellness related outreach such as educational workkshops, tabling events, and other health promotion programs.
(Prerequisite: PH 216)



ALC 252 Keys to Healthy Music
WLN 105 Alexander Technique
WLN 101 Yoga/Meditation for Musicians
MHS 590 The Musician’s Body


Health Promotion Office:
UHS Building 2nd Floor
(585) 273-5775
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UHS Eastman School of Music
Room 106, ESM Student Living Center
(585) 275-2662
Monday-Friday  9:30 am – 4:30 pm

UCC Eastman School of Music
Room 107, ESM Student Living Center
(585) 275-3113
Call to schedule an appointment