The UHS Health Promotion Office wants UR students to LIVE, GROW, and THRIVE on campus! We provide health education and wellness programs throughout the year, on topics that are meaningful to Eastman students. We collaborate with the campus community and support student-led health promotion initiatives during the academic year.

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Sexual Health SexRelationshipsInclusive Health

Stimulating the discussions around relationships, sex and sexuality. Our annual sexual health programs include:

  • Sex & Chocolate Fair
  • Masturbation 101
  • “Sexpert” lectures
  • Navigating UR Hookups
Mental Well-Being Mental Well-being

At the Health Promotion Office, we believe that mental well-being is a key ingredient for wellness. Take part in mental-wellness programs such as:

  • PAWS for Stress Relief
  • Succulent Planting
  • Destress Fests
  • Screenings with University Counseling Center
Nourishment and Body Image Nutrition

Offering programs that help students nourish and fuel their bodies and cultivate self-love for their bodies. Our programs include:

Mindfulness Mindfulness icon

The Mindful University Project offers a variety of mindfulness offerings throughout the year to create a “culture of mindfulness” on campus, such as:

Inclusive Health Inclusive Health

The Health Promotion Office strives to provide programs and services that are inclusive of every individual’s health needs and ensure equitable access to all. We recognize that the unique identities and lived experiences of each individual directly impacts their mental and physical well-being. Students who engage with our office will be met with kindness, respect, and acceptance.

  • Queer Health Resource Guide
  • Partnerships with the Paul J. Burgett Intercultural Center and Trillium Health
Sleep Sleep

Helping students get their Zzzs through various programs:


Mental Well-being UR Connected

UR Connected is a peer-to-peer network that connects students to the resources they need, when they need it most. This program takes a prevention approach to support the mental well-being of our student community.

SexRelationships Safe Sex Express

The Safe Sex Express program allows easy access to safe sex products in a convenient and inconspicuous way. Simply order condoms and lube via an online form and have them delivered to your mailbox.

Fitness Physical Therapy

During treatment for an injury (Performance Related Musculoskeletal Disorder), physical therapy provides strategies to prevent further strains, sprains or overuse so that you can return to optimal performance as soon as possible. Students can come without a referral.

Fitness Ergonomic Lending Library

Shoulder and chin rests, woodwind straps, physical therapy tools like stress bands, etc are available to borrow from our library of ergonomic devices. Talk to the Physical Therapy staff or your studio teacher about borrowing an item.



Eastman Wellness Committee

This group of faculty, staff, students, and health professionals meets several times a year to advise on supportive health programming, attain vital information to our Eastman community, and help create a culture of wellness on campus.

Graduate Student Wellness Committee

The Graduate Student Wellness Committee is a group that created in 2021 consists of graduate students, faculty, and staff, to help support the wellness of all U of R graduate students. Students have the opportunity to share their ideas, input, and passions with the group to help inform programming endeavors. If you’d like to join the committee, reach out to to get information on when the next meeting will be.


UR Student Health Advisory Committee is chaired by students, and offers the opportunity for you to have an impact on the health care services offered by UHS. The committee meets with the Director of the University Health Service to share ideas, offer suggestions, and discuss topics of concern to students. For more information, you may contact Associate Director of UHS Health Promotion, Amy McDonald at .


ALC 223 Keys to Healthy Music–ESM
MHS 594-3 The Musician’s Body–ESM
ALC 223 Keys to Healthy Music–ESM
PHLT 216 Peer Health Advocacy–RC
WLN 105 Alexander Technique–ESM


Health Promotion Office:
UHS Building 4th Floor
(585) 273-5772

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