The Eastman Students’ Association (SA) is comprised of the entire undergraduate student body and serves as the student government. SA’s primary voice is through the Students’ Association Council (SAC) and is advised by the Office for Student Activities.

The Executive Board is comprised of the President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer. The SA Council is comprised of 9 appointed positions: Health & Wellness Chairs (2), Diversity Chairs (2), Community Service Chair, Transportation and Safety & Security Chair*, Dining Chair*, and Academics Chairs (2)*.

* These chair positions may be held by SA Executive Board members.

Meetings are held in the Dean’s Dining Room in the Student Living Center at 5:30pm every other week and open forums ) are held twice a month. Everyone is welcome and encouraged to bring ideas and concerns, although only SA Council Members may vote.

One of the major functions of SA is to work with administration to address student concerns. SA Executive Board meets with staff from the Office for Student Activities on a weekly basis and works with other faculty, administration, and staff members depending upon the issues at hand.

SA funds several student organizations, programs, and initiatives.

SA is only as strong as those involved make it. Remember that activities and change don’t simply materialize on their own. They come about because people imagine, plan, and make them happen.


2017-2018 Students’ Association Executive Board:

Naoki Toyomura, President

Seiji Yamashita, Vice President

Emiel De Jaugher, Secretary 

Raina Arnett, Treasurer


2017-2018 Students’ Association Council:

Health & Wellness Chair: Ashley Fong

Diversity Chair: Jamal Damien 

Community Service Chair: Rebecca Smith

Transportation, Safety, and Security Chair: Henry Carpender

Dining Chair: Nina Robinson

Academics Chair: Adam DeShriver


ESM Students’ Association Executive Board Position Descriptions

ESM Students’ Association Council Positions Descriptions

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