Throughout the week of orientation, numerous sessions are held to familiarize undergraduate and graduate students with Eastman’s academic expectations and requirements.

Undergraduate Students

All entering undergraduate students attend an initial group-advising workshop during orientation week. At this session, the Assistant Dean of Academic Affairs and the Registrar will introduce the curriculum and introduce students to the online registration system. Following that meeting, students may schedule an appointment with the Assistant Dean of Academic Affairs or an advisor from their department to ask specific questions about registration for the fall semester. Additional advising sessions  are also scheduled for Dual Degree and Transfer students, and these meetings are held in addition to the general advising group session.

Each undergraduate student is assigned an advisor who is either the studio instructor or a member of the student’s major department, and the name of the advisor will be in the packet of information students receive upon arrival. The academic advisors support students with overall course planning and with scheduling classes every semester throughout the degree program. The Assistant Associate Dean of Academic and International Affairs assists advisors and students with specific policy-related questions, transfer and AP credit evaluation, adding or changing majors, Dual Degree advising, and all other curricular concerns, and the Academic Counselor is available to assist all students with course selection, degree requirements, and any other academic-related questions or concerns. Students should consult the Registrar’s Office when their questions relate to their academic record, the online registration system, or changes to their academic schedule.

Degree requirements for the various Bachelor of Music degrees can be found on the Registrar’s web site at

Undergraduate Placement Exams

All entering undergraduate students are required to take placement examinations in music theory and piano before registering for classes. Please refer to for details. The full Orientation schedule will be posted in August.

Graduate Students

In addition to attending group advising sessions during orientation that introduce elements of the graduate curriculum, academic policies, and online registration procedures, all graduate students are assigned an advisor. Advisor information will be in each student’s orientation packet, which will be available from the Registrar on the first day of orientation. The Academic Policy Handbook is the most authoritative source of information concerning degree requirements. It is available only on the web at Other sources of information are individual departmental handbooks (available in the relevant departmental offices and on their departmental websites), and the Office of Graduate Studies website at Students are urged to consult with their program advisor, department chair, the Senior Associate Dean of Graduate Studies, or Director of Graduate Advising and Services about academic questions and professional aspirations. The Office of Graduate Studies  is located off the main hall in ESM 103. Please do not hesitate to stop by and ask questions!

Graduate Student Placement Exams

All entering graduate students are required to take placement examinations in music theory and music history before registering. In addition, MM students in performance and literature, accompanying, early music, conducting, and opera stage directing are required to take a listening exam. Please refer to for details. The full Orientation Schedule will be posted mid-August.

Continuing ESM Graduate Students
Music Theory: Students entering a doctoral program with an MM or MA from Eastman only need to take Part 2 of the music theory placement exam.

Music History: Students entering a doctoral program with an MM or MA from Eastman must have achieved passing scores on the Medieval and Renaissance portions of the music history placement exam when first taken. The Musicology Administrative Assistant will contact students individually should they need to retake any part of the exam. 

Academic Accommodations

Britt Linné Semenow, Academic Counselor, serves as the Access Coordinator for the Eastman School of Music at the University of Rochester, and works closely with the University of Rochester Disability Compliance Director to make arrangements for reasonable academic accommodations in educational settings for students with disabilities. Using an interactive process involving the student, faculty, and staff, we implement individualized accommodations while maintaining anonymity and promoting opportunities for self-advocacy.

Students with disabilities have the responsibility of contacting the Access Coordinator as soon as possible after they have filed their intent to enroll. To schedule a meeting with the access coordinator, call 585.274.1165 or email

It is a personal decision to request accommodations through disclosure of an existing disability, and we respect all decisions not to disclose. While accommodations cannot be made retroactively, the Office of Academic Affairs is available to begin the documentation process at any time throughout the year.

Should you require accommodations during Orientation, please contact Britt at or 585.274.1165 at least 14 business days in advance of your arrival at Orientation. Detailed information about supporting documentation, including links to necessary forms, can be found at

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