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Guitar alumni currently hold positions at the following higher education institutions: University of Chicago, Academia de Guitarra de la Escuela de Música in Mexico, Mansfield University, Florida State University, The College of New Jersey, Delta College, Napa Valley College, Buffalo State College, Universiti Teknologi MARA (UiTM) in Malaysia, Escola de Musica e Belas Artes do Parana in Brazil, City University of New York, Syracuse University, Houghton College, University of Massachusetts Lowell, Oklahoma City University, University of Louisville, University of Toronto, Cyprus Centre for the Research and Study of Music, Peabody, Finger Lakes Community College, Monroe Community College, University of Central Florida, University of Buffalo, Bloomsburg University, Roberts Wesleyan College, Lawrence University, California State University (Northridge), and the Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts.

Guitarists from Eastman also prepare younger students in pre-collegiate settings, including The Potomac School in Virginia, Servite High School in California, the Clarksdale Municipal School District in Mississippi, Palmer Trinity School in Florida, Evergreen Academy of Talent Education in Maryland, Green Valley High School in Nevada, Rumsey Hall School in Connecticut, Nevada Music Academy, Aria’s School of Music and Art here in Rochester, Arizona School for the Arts, and Chicago Music Teachers.

Many guitar alumni also run their own guitar studios, recording studios, and have created their own ensembles. Guitar alumni work for Google, are employed in the tech industry, are practicing law, and have followed other career paths outside of music.

Eastman guitar students have won major competitions throughout the world including Darwin (Australia), Allentown, GFA, D’Addario, MTNA, Appalachian, Taxco (Mexico), Rantucci, Rosario, Stotsenburg, Paracho (Mexico), Brock (Canada) World Competition, Philadelphia Guitar Society, Lone Star Competition, Louisville Competition, Memphis Competition, Harvard Foote Prize, Hamilton, Belgium Grant, Fullbright, CAPES (Brazil).

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Mr. Peter Fletcher MM ’95 Professional Guitarist Phillip Truckenbrod Concert Artists
Mr. Matthew James MM ’95 Vice President, Real Estate Finance Voya Investment Management
Dr. Avra Pieridou BM ’97 Founder Cyprus Centre for the Research and Study of Music
Mr. Donald J. Sparr BM ’97 Composer and Guitarist DJ Sparr
Mr. Paul Moeller MM ’97 Professional Guitarist Moeller Music
Mr. J. Evan White BM ’97 Senior Director of Programming New Jersey Performing Arts Center
Mr. Alberto Rodriguez Ortiz MM ’97 Instructor of Guitar; Owner Conservatorio de Musica de Puerto Rico; Nueva Venecia Record Label
Dr. Eladio Scharron DMA ’97 Associate Professor-Department of Music University of Central Florida
Dr. Matthew Ardizzone DMA ’97 Associate Dean of Admissions and Enrollment Eastman School of Music
Mr. David Mallamud BM ’98 Composer David Mallamud
Dr. Alvin Tung DMA ’98 Sales Representative Sam McDadi Real Estate, Inc.
Mr. Kwan-Sub Shin BM ’98 Software Design Engr. Sky-Skan, Inc.
Dr. Steven Thachuk MM ’95, DMA ’99 Chair, Music Department; Director of Guitar Studies California State University, Northridge
Dr. Petar Kodzas DMA ’99 Jack L. Frank Instructor in Guitar Eastman School of Music
Mr. Frederick Krug BM ’99 Guitar Instructor Rumsey Hall School
Dr. Daniel Hull MM ’95, DMA ’00 Lecturer Coastal Carolina University
Dr. Brian Nasipak BA ’00, BM ’00 Industry Analyst Decision Resources Group (DRG)
Mr. Cary Savage BM ’00 Teacher Monroe Community College
Mr. Benjamin Baldridge BM ’00 Music Instructor Schmitt Music Company
Dr. Kenneth Meyer MM ’96, DMA ’00 Adjunct Professor of Guitar Syracuse University
Dr. Matthew Slotkin BM ’98, MM ’99, DMA ’01 Director, Guitar Program Bloomsburg University
Dr. Orlando Fraga DMA ’01 Professor Escola de Musica e Belas Artes do Parana
Ms. Zoe Johnstone BA ’01, BM ’01 Director Evergreen Academy of Talent Education
Dr. Matthew Cochran BM ’99, MM ’01 Independent Audio Producer/Guitarist-Composer Self-employed
Dr. Anton Machleder DMA ’01 Asst Prof Guitar & Music Tech Houghton College
Dr. Stephen Mattingly BM ’00, MM ’01 Assistant Professor of Guitar University of Louisville
Dr. Lars Frandsen DMA ’02 Associate Professor City University of New York
Dr. Nathan Wysock MM ’97, DMA ’02 Lecturer of Music Lawrence University
Dr. Michael Patilla DMA ’03 Assistant Professor of Music Mississippi State University
Mr. David Wirth MM ’03 Owner School of Feedback Guitar
Dr. Jonathan Paget MM ’98, MA ’02, DMA ’03 Senior Lecturer Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts
Dr. Nathan Fischer MM ’00, DMA ’04 Senior Lecturer of Classical Guitar Universiti Teknologi MARA (UiTM)
Dr. Brad Deroche DMA ’05 Chair, Music Department Delta College
Mr. David Veslocki BM ’05 Producer and Guitarist Veslocki Productions
Dr. James Day MM ’96, DMA ’05 Assistant Dean, School of the Arts & Communication The College of New Jersey
Mr. Alfonso Aguirre Dergal BM ’06 Professor and Coordinator Academia de Guitarra de la Escuela de Música
Dr. Erik Sloyka BM ’06 Teacher Arizona School for the Arts
Dr. Corey Harvin MM ’03, DMA ’06 Guitar Director Palmer Trinity School
Dr. Joshua Millard DMA ’07 Professor; Performance Coordinator University of Massachusetts, Lowell
Mr. Robert Miller MM ’08 Co-Director; Teacher California Conservatory of Guitar
Dr. Josh Dichiacchio MM ’02, DMA ’08 Instructor of Guitar and Music Theory Napa Valley College
Mr. Serhiy Labo BM ’08 Guitar Instructor Nevada Music Academy
Dr. Townsend Plant DMA ’08 Associate Dean, Enrollment and Student Life Peabody Institute of the John Hopkins University
Dr. David Olson BM ’98, DMA ’08 Guitar Performer/Instructor Self-employed
Mr. Justin Zamm BM ’07 MM ’09 Piano Instructor/Performing Arts PLC Coordinator Clarksdale Municipal School Distrcit
Mr. Matthew Ocone BM ’09 Guitar Instructor and Founder Matthew Ocone Guitar Studio
Mr. Mason Fish BM ’09 Guitarist and Co-Founder Mobius Trio, California Conservatory of the Guitar
Dr. Timothy Shannon DMA ’09 Adjunct Professor, Guitar Roberts Wesleyan College
Mr. Samuel H. Krall BM ’10 Performing and Creative Careers Advocate Syracuse University
Mr. Evan Drummond BM ’02, MM ’11 Lecturer – Guitar Buffalo State College
Dr. Dennis Repino DMA ’11 Guitar Teacher Finger Lakes Community
Dr. Benjamin Altman BM ’01, DMA ’11 Guitar teacher The Potomac School
Mr. Sungmin Shin MM ’11 Guitar Instructor University of Buffalo
Mr. Robert McManmon BM ’13 International Skype Music Teacher
Mr. Kyle Patterson BM ’11, MM ’13 Adjunct Instructor of Lute and Guitar Oklahoma City University
Mr. Adler Scheidt BM ’14 Guitar Teacher Chicago Music Teachers
Mr. Michael Klein MM ’14 Guitar Teacher Green Valley High School
Ms. Rachel Neece BM ’12, MM ’15 Music Teacher Aria’s School of Music and Art
Dr. Eric Carlin MM ’08, DMA ’15 Guitar Instructor Mansfield University
Dr. Josinaldo Costa Filho DMA ’15 Director of Guitar Servite High School
Dr. Dieter Hennings Yeoman MM ’05, DMA ’15 Assistant Professor, Guitar University of Kentucky
Ms. Katrina Leshan MM ’15 Development Associate Eastman School of Music
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