[See new information at bottom of page about printing posters in Rochester]

Guidelines and Logistics

Maximum size available: 4 x 4 feet (or 1.2 x 1.2 meters)
We recommend using smaller size than the maximum allocated to allow for space between posters.

Posters should be set up first thing in the morning. Presenters are requested to be by their posters during the assigned section, but posters will be available for viewing all day.

Push-pins for posters will be provided.

The assignment of poster positions will be distributed at registration.


Organize information in columns; this is much easier to follow than rows. We recommend using at least 2 columns.

Use large font:
* The title text should be readable from 6 meters away - at least 48-point text.
* The body text should be readable from 2 meters away - at least 24-point text.

Font type: Choose a clear font with large inner space (i.e. the space inside the loops of letters such as 'o', 'd', 'p'). Good examples are Arial, Verdana, Georgia or Helvetica.

Poster should be understandable in your absence: Though presenters ought to be standing next to posters throughout the session, some observers will want to read your poster (and you may not be present for all observers). That being said, use words sparingly so as not to crowd your posters with text.

Pictures speak louder than words: When possible, use a picture to convey an idea. This will make the poster more easily interpretable and also visually appealing.

Create clear, simple graphs: Plot data using dark lines with clearly labeled axes using large font size (at least 12 point) and a simple font type (as for body text).

Printing Posters in Rochester

To print posters in Rochester, we recommend FedEx-Kinko's; they have a store at 158 Monroe, a 10-minute walk from Eastman (585-262-2679). You can upload a PDF of your poster (go to "print online" -> "prints and posters") and pick it up when you arrive. They require 48 hours minimum.