Searching Songs

Eakins: The Concert Singer (1892)

This guide is designed to help you find solo music for the voice. Use this as a starting point, or browsing tool. As always, consult Voyager and the catalogs for complete holdings information, and when uncertain, ask at the Reference Desk!


Suggested Call Numbers for Browsing Shelves for Editions

Below are general call number ranges. For specific call numbers, consult the Library of Congress Classification Schedule in the yellow book at the Reference Desk, and/or Voyager.

Secular Vocal Music

M1528 – M1529.5 duets, trios etc., for solo voices 
M1611 – M1626 songs for one voice
M1627 national songs 
M1628 – M1677.8 United States
     M1630.18       Popular songs 

 Sacred Vocal Music

M2018 – M2019.5 duets, trios etc., for solo voices 
M2102 – M2114.8 songs for one voice


Suggested Searching Strategies 

Below are examples of some useful search strategies and subject headings for use in Voyager. For complete listings of subject headings, consult the Library of Congress Subject Headings (red books). Also, do not forget to search the Card Catalog for LPs.

1. Using Custom Search/Boolean. This is the default search tab when initiating Voyager. In the “Search for:” box type any distinctive words from the title of the song and the last name of the composer (if known); from the “any of these” drop down menu, select “all of these”; leave the box that says “search anywhere” alone.

2. To Decrease the number of items retrieved. Use the Limit button. Some kinds of searches can be Limited by Date of publication (exact or by range), Type of material (e.g. scores or recordings), Location (e.g. Sibley library), Language (e.g. only English), and other parameters.

3. To Increase the number of items retrieved. Try typing only the title of the song, and select “as a phrase” from the drop down menu. Or, type the composer’s name and “songs” and limit by Type and location (often collections of songs are not completely indexed, and you might have to look through the items on the shelves if a Table of Contents tab does not show for an individual bibliographic record).

4. Use an Index. Many song collections that are not indexed in Voyager have been indexed by various books of indexes (a list of which are on the other side of this page). Find out in which collection a song is located, then search for the title of the collection.

5. Using the Record Card Catalog. If looking for a specific “art” song, search under the composer’s name, and then under [Songs. Selections] to find anthologies. Contents may or may not be listed. 


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Sibley Library maintained a card-file index to its vocal collection that can still be useful. Look in the small set of card-file drawers near the Alec Wilder Reading Room.


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Compiled by Jim Farrington 10/99, rev. 5/05, 5/06, 9/13