Caillebotte: Young Man Playing the Piano (1876)


This guide is designed to help you find information about, and music for, the piano. Use this as a starting point, or browsing tool. As always, consult our catalog and the catalogs for complete holdings information, and when uncertain, ask at the Reference Desk!


Finding piano repertoire


Suggested call numbers for browsing our catalog or the shelf

Below are general call number ranges. For specific call numbers, consult the Library of Congress Classification Schedule in the book at the Reference Desk, and/or our catalog.

M20- M39

piano solo


collections – containing works of two or more composers 


collections – containing works of one composer 




suites and cyclical works


theme and variations 


piano, four hands 


piano, five, six, eight, etc., hands 


two pianos, two performers 


piano and one other instrument 


piano and two other instruments 


 piano and three other instruments

 [follow for piano and four, five, six, etc., other instruments] 

 M1010   concertos with orchestra 
 M1011   concertos with orchestra (arranged) 
 M1110   concertos with string orchestra 
 M1111   concertos with string orchestra (arranged) 
 MT220-MT258   studies and methods (includes etudes) 
 MT745-MT758   studies and methods, children

Also, see the Organ, and Chamber Music guides.



Subject headings for piano music

Below are examples of some useful subject headings for use in our catalog.  For complete listings of headings, consult the Library of Congress Subject Headings (red books).


Headings for our catalog

Headings for LP catalog

piano music 

piano and [viola, horn etc.]

piano with [band, orchestra etc.]

piano music pianos 2

sonatas piano 

concertos piano 

trios piano 

quartets piano 

[follow for quintets, sextets, etc.] 

Under “piano music”: 






1 hand 

2 hands 




Print resources for piano repertoire

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          [See also other Hinson bibliographies of piano literature in ML128.P3] 

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Online resources for piano repertoire

In-print commercial sources (searchable)

J.W. Pepper

Theodore Front


Finding information about the piano


Grove Music Online:

Ripin, Edwin M., et al. “Pianoforte.” Grove Music OnlineOxford Music Online. Oxford University Press,
           accessed January 3, 2014,


Suggested call numbers for browsing the shelves or our catalog  


Piano bibliographies


Books about the piano


Studies and methods


Studies and methods, children


Selected print resources on the piano

Dubal, David. The Art of the Piano: Its Performers, Literature, and Recordings, 3rd ed. Pompton Plains,  
          NJ: Amadeus Press, 2004. Ref ML105 .D813 A7 2004

The Pianist’s Dictionary. Bloomington: Indiana University Press, 2004. Ref. ML102.P5 H665 2004 

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Kammertöns, Christoph and Siegfried Mauser, eds. Lexikon des Klaviers: Baugeschichte,
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Taylor, S.K., ed. The Musician’s Piano Atlas. Macclesfield, Cheshire, England : Omicron, 1981.  
          Ref. ML652 .M987   

Related works may be found by searching the subjects: piano; pianists, harpsichord, keyboard; or do a boolean search in our catalog for “piano” and limit to Sibley Music Library Reference Stacks. 




Clavier  ML1 .C617
Key Notes ML5 .K44
Keyboard  ML1 .C7597
Keyboard Arts  ML1 .K44A
Performance Practice Review  ML430.5 .P438 or here
Piano Journal  ML650 .P5815
Piano Quarterly  ML1 .P581Q
Piano Teacher  ML1 .P581T
Piano Technician’s Journal  ML1 .P585

Current issues of periodicals are found alphabetically in the current periodicals room (third floor). For call numbers of older, bound issues, look in the Sibley Library Serials list (found on quick reference shelves).


Online resources about the piano

American Pianists Association
Clavier Companion Online
Piano Technicians Guild


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