Jazz and Contemporary

Demuth: The Jazz Singer (1916)


This guide is designed to help you find information about contemporary music, jazz, and related topics. It will give you an overview of periodicals and books that Sibley owns with jazz and/or contemporary music as their main focus. You might find this helpful in browsing the stacks or for finding a specific journal or book. Please consult Voyager for complete holdings information and ask the reference assistant for help if needed.

Suggested Call Numbers for Shelf Browsing

Below are general call number ranges. For specific call numbers, consult the Library of Congress Classification in the blue book at the Reference Desk, and/or Voyager.

M (Scores)  
M1366 Jazz Ensembles
M1470 – M1473 Chance Compositions and Electronic music
M1630.18 Popular Music (including fake books)
ML (Music Literature)  
ML1 Periodicals and serials published in the United States 
ML5 Periodicals and serials, foreign 1801 – 
ML156 Discographies
ML156.4.J3 Jazz Discographies
Music History and Criticism  
ML197 Music History and Criticism, 1900 – 
ML198 – ML239  America
ML240 – ML325 Europe
ML330 – ML345 Asia
ML350 – ML350.5 Africa
ML360 – ML360.5 Australia, Oceania, etc.
ML370  Others
ML390 General composers
ML394 – ML402 Performers
ML410 Individual composers
ML430 – ML455 Composition
ML3469 – ML3541 Popular music, including Jazz (ML3505-ML3509, ML3528)
ML3795 Musical life
ML3800 – ML3817 Philosophy and physics of music
ML3845 – ML3855 Aesthetics
MT (Music Theory)  
MT68 Improvisation


Selected Bibliography

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Selected Contemporary Music and Jazz Periodicals at Sibley


Current Musicology ML1 .C976 or online
Indiana Theory Review ML1 .I39T
Intégral: The Journal of Applied Music Thought ML1 .I605 or online
Journal of Music Theory ML1 .J86MT or online
Journal of Musicological Research ML5 .M9716 or online
Journal of Musicology ML1 J863 or online
Journal of New Music Research ML5 .I597 or online
Journal of the American Musicological Society ML1 .J86AM or online
Music Analysis ML1 .M9863 or online
Music and Letters ML5 .M98L or online
Music Theory Spectrum ML1.M987 T3 or online
Musical Quarterly ML1 .M98Q or online
Musical Times ML5 .M98t or online
NZ, Neue Zeitschrift für Musik ML5 .N4819
NOTES ML27.U5 M8 L or online
repercussions ML1 .R425
Tempo ML5 .T288 or online
21st Century Music ML197 .T971 or online


Specific Areas

Bass Player online
Cadence ML1 .C12
Circuit: Musiques Contemporaines ML5 .C57 or online
Computer Music Journal ML1 .C7383 or online
Crescendo and Jazz Music ML5 .C919I
Critical Studies in Improvisation online
Current Research in Jazz online
Dissonanz ML5 .D614
Down Beat ML1 .D748
Electronic Musician ML1380 .E38 or online
Ethnomusicology ML1 .E84 or online
Guitar Player ML1 .G968P or online
International Review of the Aesthetics and Sociology of Music ML5.I6 R4 or online
Jazz Education Journal ML1 .N277JE
Jazz Inside ML3505.8 .J42 or online
Jazz Journal ML5 .J42J
Jazz Magazine ML5 .J42 M1
Jazz Perspectives ML3505.8 .J423 or online
JazzTimes ML1.J425 T5 
Jazzforschung ML5 .J428R
Journal of Jazz Studies ML1 .J86J or online
Keyboard ML1 .C7597 or online
Modern Drummer ML1 .M683
Musicworks ML5 .M9858
Perspectives of New Music ML1 .P467 or online
Popular Music ML3469 .P831 or online

Current issues of periodicals are found alphabetically in the current periodicals room (third floor). 


Compiled by Jim Farrington, 11/03; rev. 4/04, 12/05, 5/06, 12/07, 1/14