Sweerts: Young Man playing a Hunting Horn (1618)


This guide is designed to help you find information about, and music for, the horn. Use this as a starting point, or browsing tool. As always, consult our catalog and the catalogs for complete holdings information, and when uncertain, ask at the Reference Desk!


Finding horn repertoire


Suggested call numbers for browsing our catalog or the shelf

Below are general call number ranges. For specific call numbers, consult the Library of Congress Classification Schedule in the book at the Reference Desk, and/or our catalog.


Horn alone; Horn with electronics


Horn with piano accompaniment


Duets—two wind instruments


Duets—wind and string instruments 


Concertos with orchestra (full score)


Concertos with orchestra (solo with keyboard acc.)


Concertos with string orchestra (full score)


Concertos with string orchestra (solo with keyboard acc.)


Studies and methods


Orchestral excerpts


Studies and methods, children

For trios, quartets, and other ensembles, see the Chamber Music guide.


Subject headings for horn music

Below are examples of some useful subject headings for use in our catalog.  For complete listings of headings, consult the Library of Congress Subject Headings (red books).


Headings for Scores and Recordings

Headings for LP catalog

Horn music 

Horn and [oboe, clarinet etc.] 

Horn with [band, orchestra etc.] 

Horn music horns 2 

Sonatas horn

Concertos horn

Concertos horn solo with piano

Woodwind trios; wind trios;  

Woodwind quartets; wind quartets; brass quartets 

Woodwind quintets; wind quintets; brass quintets  

[follow for sextets, septets, octets, nonets] 

Under “horn”: 



solos with ensembles




Under “chamber music”: 

duets: horn

trios: horn, etc. 



Print resources for horn repertoire

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          Ref. ML128.H67 W54 2000


Online resources for horn repertoire 

In-print commercial sources (searchable)

J.W. Pepper

Theodore Front


Finding information about the horn


Grove Music Online:

Meucci, Renato and Gabriele Rocchetti. “Horn.” Grove Music OnlineOxford Music Online. Oxford University Press, 
           accessed January 3, 2014,


Suggested call numbers for browsing the shelves or our catalog  


horn bibliographies


Books about the horn


Studies and methods


Studies and methods, children


Selected print resources on the horn

Gregory, Robin. The Horn; A Comprehensive Guide To The Modern Instrument & Its Music. NY: F. A. 
                    Praeger, 1969. ML955 .G823H 1969b.

Hernon, Michael. The French Horn Discography. Westport: Greenwood, 1986.
                    Ref. ML156.4 .H7 H558 1986.

Janetzky, Kurt. The Horn. (trans. by James Chater) London: Batsford, 1988. ML955 .J33 H818 1988.

McBeth, Amy. A Discography of 78rpm Era Recordings of the Horn: Solo and Chamber Literature with 
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Reynolds, Verne. The Horn Handbook. Portland, OR: Amadeus, 1997. MT420 .R465 H813 1997.

Tuckwell, Barry. Horn. London: Macdonald, 1983. ML955 .T898 H8.





Brass Bulletin  ML5.B8276 W9
Horn Player ML5 .H813
Historic Brass Society Newsletter  ML933 .H6731
Horn Call  ML1 .H813
The Horn Magazine  ML5 .H813
International Horn Society Newsletter ML1 .I6182N
Instrumentalist  ML1 .I59
Das Orchester ML5 .O63

Current issues of periodicals are found alphabetically in the current periodicals room (third floor). For call numbers of older, bound issues, look in the Sibley Library Serials list (found on quick reference shelves).


Online resources about the horn

International Horn Society


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