Summer Housing

March 29, 2021

The SLC will close the day after commencement and students who need housing must move to the River Campus. In order to make this move, you must apply for that option. The Office for Residential Life on the River Campus will open the summer housing application on April 5, 2021. Students currently living at the Eastman Student Living Center may apply for housing for part or all of the summer. Charges can be billed to student accounts or payment can be made directly to Residential Life. The Student Living Center will close the day after commencement and students who elect Summer Housing will need to move to the River Campus dorm.

Students may request financial support if they meet any of the following criteria: 

  1. Students with an expired visa stamp who may not be able to renew their visas due to US Embassy/Consular on-going closures or restricted availability of visa appointments in their home country or country of residence
    2. Students who cannot travel home or to their country of residence due to unavailability of flights
    3. Students from countries/regions that are subject to COVID-19 travel bans to the US
  2. Students who face housing insecurity (homelessness or precarious living situation)

For students who meet the above criteria for support and who have demonstrated financial need (currently receiving federal and/or institutional aid based on the 2020-21 financial aid application), support will be provided on a sliding scale. Aid will be provided at 30%, 60% or 95% based on the level of aid you currently receive during the academic year. Please contact your financial aid counselor if you have questions about your level of aid.

At this time we are planning for the Annex Practice Rooms to be open over the summer between 9:00am – 5:00pm, Monday through Friday, excluding all University Holidays. Students must still book practice rooms using EMS through the registrars office.

Additionally, students will be responsible for food expenses. If you are primarily dining on campus, Dining Services recommends budgeting $20 per day which should provide 2+ meals. As always, if you are facing food insecurity you may request support through the Basic Needs Hub ( and utilize the Food Pantry (

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