Fall 2021 Plan Announcement

March 25, 2021

Dear students,

We are pleased to announce that the University of Rochester is planning for a return to a “normal” fall 2021 semester. While there are still many uncertainties, we are hopeful that vaccines will be widely deployed over the spring and summer, and it is our expectation that all classes and rehearsals will be held on campus and at full classroom capacity, as before the pandemic. We will prepare contingency plans in case the vaccine rollout does not go as planned or if the pandemic takes a new turn, and we will also have plans in place if there are international students who cannot travel to Rochester. We are committed to our community’s health and safety and will revise these plans regularly, informed by our own medical experts, and in accordance with any new state and federal guidelines.

Given this information, we would like to remind you that pre-registration for the fall semester begins on Monday, April 19th and will proceed according to the following schedule:
Monday, April 19 – Graduate students, dual degree students, returning seniors, and current juniors
Tuesday, April 20 – Current sophomores
Wednesday, April 21 – Current first-year students

The registration window opens each day at 8:00 am EDT.

The fall 2021 course schedule is now available in UR Student, so you may begin to make your saved schedules in advance of pre-registration. Please watch for additional information about opportunities for academic advising offered by Academic Affairs and Graduate Studies, but do not hesitate to reach out to your advisor at any time to schedule an appointment.

Finally, we have also launched onboarding for the fall 2021 semester, which you will need to complete before you are able to pre-register the week of April 19th. You should have received an email from the UR Student system reminding you to complete this step, and if you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact the Registrar’s office. In addition, please be sure to review your account in UR Student to determine if you have any holds that would prevent registration. Past Due Balance holds may be resolved by submitting payment for all past due amounts. If you have questions regarding a past due hold, please contact the Bursar’s Office at bursar@admin.rochester.edu. Holds are easily visible by clicking on “Academics” in UR Student and then reviewing the “Holds” section of the “Registration Requirements” box. If no “Holds” section appears in the “Registration Requirements” box then you do not currently have any holds. A helpful QRC about viewing holds is available here.

Please do not hesitate to reach out if you have any questions about our plans for the fall semester and/or the pre-registration process.

All the best,
Dean Fox and Dean Hain

John C. Hain, DMA
Associate Dean of Academic and International Affairs
Eastman School of Music
26 Gibbs St.
Rochester, NY 14604
(585) 274-1020