Fall 2020 Self-Recording Guideline

September 22, 2020

This message is sent from Academic Affairs and the Concert Office:

Dear Eastman Students, Faculty, and Staff:

We know that there are many reasons for students to request spaces at the School to self-make recordings during the fall semester.  In order to make the most effective use of our self-recording spaces, we are focusing here on recordings that are required for graduate school auditions, competitions, and summer festival applications. 

The Self-Recording Guidelines below were developed in consultation between the Concert Office and the Academic Affairs Office.  Note that pre-approval from Academic Affairs is required before you can initiate scheduling with the Concert Office.

Please read further for the details of how to activate your request.


Fall 2020 Self-Recording Guideline

Self-Recording for this semester will be permitted in Ciminelli Formal Lounge, Ray Wright Room, and Hatch Recital Hall, subject to availability.   

Sessions can be booked within a 2 week time frame only.  A maximum of 2 hours, per 2 week block, may be booked by a student for the purpose of submitting a recording to a graduate school, competition or festival.   

All recording sessions will require pre-approval by the Academic Affairs Office.  Please send an email with a description of who will be recording and the purpose of the recording to  academicaffairs@esm.rochester.edu.  Be specific in your description of the purpose, e.g., state the name of the competition or festival and the specifics of the graduate school recording requirement.

Once approved, you may schedule a meeting with the Concert Office at https://calendly.com/julia_ng.   You can also stop by the Concert Office during scheduling hours, which are MWF 10am to 12pm, to schedule in person. 

Masking and physical distancing requirements must be adhered to while in the recording venue, per the University of Rochester policy.  Only the musician, their collaborators, and their faculty are permitted in the recording room.   Do not exceed your time limit as additional air flow time has been purposely scheduled before and after your recording session.   Attention should be given to the cleaning protocols posted in the rooms, using the equipment and materials provided. 

Please note the following recording equipment in each room.  T&MP is unable to loan out recording equipment at this time, but you may contact them if you need assistance in learning how to use the recording devices in Hatch or Ciminelli. 


Ciminelli Formal Lounge: Please see attached instructions for equipment in this space.  Furniture may not be moved.

(Click on image to see full PDF)

Ray Wright Room: This is a self-serve room, please bring your own equipment.  

Hatch Recital Hall:  The CD recorder may be used.  It is the responsibility of the person recording to clean the device with the alcohol wipes provided.  The piano will be onstage and cannot be moved. 


For this fall semester, the Concert Office first scheduled the large and small ensemble rehearsals and performances, and then the student degree recitals.  They are currently scheduling studio class times, with a deadline of September 30 for these faculty requests for studio classes.

After that date, they will assess the availability of times for student recordings and open the scheduling process.  If you are planning to request a recording time, you are advised to get your pre-approval submitted in the next 2 weeks, and then you will be authorized to meet with Julia Ng for actual scheduling.  

Finally, the EMS system (through the Registrar) will be opened for scheduling larger Eastman classrooms for one-hour-only times after October 1.  These times may be requested for individual and small group rehearsals as well as self-made recording outside of the three hall venues managed by the Concert Office.  There will not be multiple-hour bookings in these spaces.

This information on recording access will be distributed in various forms and venues at the School, and will also appear on the Eastman fall semester restart website.