Commencement ceremonies being held at Eastman start this week

May 12, 2021


To the Eastman Community,

I am writing this communication as message #1 of 2 messages, as an alert to the community about the planned use of our Eastman School of Music space for multiple commencements this month.  Although we are familiar with various units of the University scheduling their commencement ceremonies in Kodak Hall in previous years, we are not so familiar with how this is going to operate within the required covid restrictions. 

The ceremonies are scheduled on various dates at various times.  The full list of University ceremonies planned for Kodak Hall is provided below.  Organizers of all commencement events are following protocols; however, It is very likely that there will be increased numbers of people in our facilities during the hours preceding, during, and following these ceremonies.

May 14              10:00 am                    School of Medicine & Dentistry

May 21              10:00 am                   Doctoral Ceremony

May 21                2:00 pm                     School of Nursing

May 22              11:00 am                     Master’s Degrees (ASE & SMD)

May 22                2:00 pm                      Warner School of Education

May 23                9:00 am                      Eastman School of Music


Our collective advice is this: Avoid being on site at Eastman during these commencement ceremony times, if at all possible.  As numbers will be increased in the facility, you should arrange your practice time or your lesson time to avoid these peak times of increased density.

Although Eastman students will be graduating in the doctoral ceremony, there is no invitation for faculty or staff attendance at the 10 am ceremony on Friday the 21st. 

The Eastman School of Music will hold one in-person commencement ceremony for BM, MM, and MA students on Sunday morning, May 23, at 9 am. There will be some opportunity for in-person attendance by faculty and staff for this Sunday ceremony.  To attend will require either (1) being fully vaccinated, or (2) taking a PCR covid test on May 20 with a subsequent negative result. More details on the protocols to follow for attending the Sunday Eastman ceremony will be provided in a separate message #2.

All the best,

Donna Brink Fox

Senior Associate Dean